The roundtables are a rare and exciting opportunity for networking and understanding more about plans for specific regions from the public officials themselves.

'Speed dating' with the public officials will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 1May where delegates will have the opportunity to discuss P3 opportunities and developments in key markets within the region.

There are five public officials, each starting on a different table, who will spend 20 - 25 minutes talking with the delegates about P3 and infrastructure within their region. This question and answer session is an opportunity for the delegates to form a relationship with the public officials, discuss pipeline, procurement, current projects and any issues surrounding P3s within their region and further afield. After 20 - 25 minutes a bell is rung and the officials rotate around to the next table.

We accept a maximum of 50 delegates and we divide them over five tables, ten delegates per table, each table also has a moderator.

  • Paul May
    Vice-President, Project Implementation - York Region Rapid Transit Corporation
  • Cameron Love
    Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer - The Ottawa Hospital
  • John McKendrick
    Executive Vice-President, Social - Infrastructure Ontario
  • Glenn Campbell
    Assistant Deputy Minister, Investment, Partnerships and Innovation - Infrastructure Canada
  • Pierre Le Fevre
    Senior Adviser to the President & CEO - VIA Rail Canada